Treat Painful Conditions with Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy really helps with a wide, varying range of health elements. However, specifically problems within the joint, the nerve, or the soft tissue is where it really stands out and is most effective. These problems can range from numbness and tingling in certain extremities, such as sciatica, or pain within the joints, such as shoulder pain, and finally, issues within the soft tissue, such as foot pain, commonly referred to as plantar fasciitis.

Trigger point therapy, when performed correctly, will be able to find the joint, tissue or nerve that is causing the problem. Then we do some specific tests that check for range of motion and stability within the joint or tissue. By applying tension to the damaged area, often referred to as the trigger point, and working that affected area through its intended range of motion, this will cause the damaged tissue to break down, which over time, will increase the patient’s range of motion. Then add in some specific stabilizing and some strengthening protocols and we should be able to create a joint which is full, and stable, and pain free, allowing for the patient to receive good feeling and function in their lifestyle.

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