Tips for Preventing Neck Pain During Day-to-Day Activities

Here are some general tips for preventing neck pain during day-to-day activities such as exercising, running errands, and cleaning the house.

Prevent Neck Pain While Exercising: If you’re exercising and doing anything that requires you to press anything above your head, such as a shoulder press using a barbell or dumbbell, you want to make sure that you’re lifting correctly. So, make sure that you’ve got good posture when you move your shoulders. Your head should not pitch forward which would put a lot of stress and strain into the neck. Work with whoever is running the class or one of the gym members to check your posture and position for you.

Prevent Neck Pain While Out Running Errands: Most people run errands in the car. So again, if you are in the car and you’re sitting for extended periods of time, make sure your car seat is set up so you’re in good posture. Your ears are on top of your shoulders, your shoulder blades are flush against the car seat, and you’re making sure you’re not driving for an extended period of time.

Prevent Neck Pain While Cleaning: If we clean the house, usually we get neck pain because we’re working above our head. So, just make sure that you’re not reaching too far. You’re not putting excess stress into the neck. Obviously, you should be taking plenty of breaks.

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