The 3 Most Common Causes of Low Back Pain

1. Trauma: The biggest cause of low back pain that we tend to see is trauma. So, what is a trauma? Obviously, being in a trauma such as a car accident can really create lots of injuries and issues within the lower back. Playing sports, particularly contact sports, that trauma can also lead to lower back pain.

2. Workplace Injuries: And then you’ve got your workplace injuries. Working in that laborious environment such as construction, in a factory, or in a warehouse where there is lots of bending, twisting and picking up heavy objects can obviously lead to lower back pain.

3. Sitting: On the opposite side of trauma you’ve got repetitive stresses. So, things that kind of break us down over time. The top cause of repetitive stress injuries is going to be sitting. Sitting is the new smoking. The average American has to sit for over nine hours a day, and over time that sedentary lifestyle slowly breaks the joint, the tissue and the nerve down, which leads to a massive amount of lower back pain.

Three out of four Americans are going to suffer with lower back pain through their lifetime, and over 70% of the working force of America will suffer with some sort of lower back pain throughout their working career.

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