Pregnancy and Sciatica: How Chiropractors Can Help

General pain within the spine and the soft tissues, specifically in the upper back and the lower back, are really the main complaints for pregnant women. But a very common complaint that we get a lot of with our pregnant moms is that of sciatica pain, the pain that refers to your glutes, down the back of your leg, and can go all the way into your feet and your toes. And unfortunately, it’s quite miserable.

As your spine shifts out of alignment due to growing the baby and your pelvis starts to accommodate the baby, then that shifting and that misalignment can create stress and tension onto those nerves in your lower back. Those are the nerves that innervate obviously your lower back, but also your extremities. So as your pelvis starts to shift, your sacrum starts to shift, and your low back starts to shift and you create stress and tension onto those nerves in your lower back and they can start referring pain into your legs.

Typically, that referring leg pain, that sciatica pain, is really, really common with expecting moms. Alignment in the pelvis and the sacrum specifically is going to really help with that pain. Chiropractors are specifically trained to help pregnant women using gentle chiropractic techniques that align the pelvis and help alleviate that pain.

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