Posture Affects Overall Health

Your posture has an impact on your overall health including your mood and energy levels. Good posture means our spine is in a stable and strong position. This is critically important because poor posture does two things:

First of all, it can really damage our soft tissue, the muscles, ligaments and tendons within the body, and the joints in the spine or the extremities. It creates something called adhesion (which can be thought of as internal scar tissue). This can eventually lead to poor range of motion, and poor loading into the joint, which eventually leads to degeneration.

Not only does poor posture create that issue, but it also puts our bodies into a chronic state of stress. When we are stressed chronically, it raises our hormone levels, such as cortisol, also known as our stress hormone. This affects our sleeping patterns, our digestion, our mood, our energy levels and essentially our overall well-being.

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