Our Unique Treatment Protocols Relieve Headaches

We do really well in terms of being the highest reviewed clinic in the South Loop and Chicago in general, and that’s because we get good results. The way we address issues within the spine is quite unique.

We Practice the Palmer Technique

The doctors at Advanced Health Chiropractic went to the fountain head of chiropractic, Palmer Chiropractic College. The technique, Palmer, separates it from other colleges. The way we adjust the spine is quite unique and obviously we pride ourselves on that.

We Practice Chiropractic BioPhysics

We practice a technique called Chiropractic BioPhysics and that is specifically designed around objectively changing the shape of your spine. Classically, people who have headaches have a misalignment globally at the spine. For example, the spine is shifted forwards and it is out of alignment. We can do what we call our spinal traction protocols and it can shift your spine back into alignment.

We X-Ray the Spine in Motion

One of the things that separates us from many other places is how we shoot x-rays. We shoot x-rays and our x-rays are digital, and we shoot two types of an x-ray. One is a postural x-ray, so where we’re standing still and that allows us to do some specific line analysis of the x-rays to evaluate where the spine has gone from, and essentially where we need to put the spine to. And also, we shoot something called a biomechanical assessment of the spine, where we shoot the spine in motion. When you shoot the spine in motion you can highlight joints which aren’t moving. A joint that’s not moving and/or is out of alignment is going to create stress on the nervous system and obviously stress on a nerve can lead to symptoms. In particular, those top two nerves in your neck are going to cause headaches.

We Repair Soft Tissue

Our doctors are also trained in soft tissue protocols; unfortunately a lot of people kind of miss on the soft tissue. Soft tissue is there to support, stabilize, and essentially move a joint, so if the soft tissue is weak and inflexible, it is not going to do that. Through the unique soft tissue protocols that we practice, we can adjust that imbalance, that weakness, and essentially get that corrected.

We Use Physical Therapy

We do a lot of physical therapy in our office. People that sit for a living often develop something called upper cross syndrome. We get really dominant in those big muscles, your traps, your chest, your shoulders, while all the little muscles, the stabilizers, they sit deep in your neck and down between the shoulder blades, essentially just switch off. Overtime we have that postural shift which creates all those tension headaches. Each patient receives a customized physical therapy action plan with rehabilitative exercises to increase the mobility, stability and strength of their muscles.

When you combine all these techniques and treatments with our experienced doctors and staff, we can help a lot of people find headache relief.

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