Myofascial Release Therapy Works on Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain and Hip Pain

The most common issues we treat in our office using Myofascial Release Therapy are shoulder pain, low back pain, and hip pain.

We are so technology-dependent in today’s environment. The average American is sitting for twelve hours a day. This has a detrimental effect on the spine and the soft tissue, muscles linked with tendons within the body. It specifically shortens the tissue, and when the tissue shortens, it inhibits healthy range of motion. Over time, we repetitively use that joint and tissue and it begins to break down, which leads to pain and dysfunction.

Myofascial release therapy is great at improving the range of motion within the joint and the tissue. Combined  with chiropractic care and physical therapy, we can essentially stabilize and strengthen the joint. This allows for better movement patterns and better loading into the joint. Therefore, we can reduce pain and improve function.

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