My Journey to Chiropractic

Dr. Luke Stringer’s journey to chiropractic began when he was receiving chiropractic treatments as a professional rugby player that allowed him to stay healthy and keep playing. His love for chiropractic care continues today as he helps patients of all ages achieve their health goals.

What were some of the influences that lead to your decision to become a chiropractor?

Dr. Luke Stringer: The big influence for me was when I was playing professional rugby, I really struggled to stay fit and healthy, so I spent a lot of time on the treatment table, until I started seeing a chiropractor. Essentially, he got me fit and healthy and got me back to playing and kept me playing. Other providers I had been seeing had really struggled. This was a real, essentially game-changing experience for me, and I knew once I’d had enough of playing professional rugby, I’d definitely want to pursue this field further.

When did you become a licensed chiropractor, and where did you start practicing?

Dr. Luke Stringer: I graduated in 2014 from the fountainhead of chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic out there in Davenport, Iowa. I immediately moved to Seal Beach, Southern California to train with a world renowned chiropractor. After about three months of training I became licensed in California. I moved up to El Segundo in the South Bay of LA County to run his sports clinic up there. Essentially, we were treating a lot of the LA Kings ice hockey players and pro volleyball players. It was a great way for me to start my career. This lasted until my wife and I moved back to Chicago and we opened our own practice about 18 months ago in the South Loop of Chicago.

Do you have specific chiropractic methods or other areas of specialty that you focus on?

Dr. Luke Stringer: Yes. As a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, it is renowned for its technique, and essentially the Palmer Package graduating doctors graduate with is essentially really good in terms of, it covers a broad base of skills, and notoriously, doctors who attend Palmer Chiropractic are really pretty well versed in adjusting. Specifically, in this office we practice something called chiropractic biophysics. It is a specific technique that analyzes your spine and your posture through specific imaging, which allows us to objectively essentially improve and correct poor posture structure within the spine. It is actually one of the most clinically researched techniques within the industry, and it really does offer long term results.

How has your athletic experience as a rugby player helped you as a chiropractor?

Dr. Luke Stringer: Immensely. First, the hard work you have to put into become a rugby player and stay playing rugby at the highest level is pretty demanding, and that really does apply to the amount of hard work you have to do in becoming a doctor and then staying essentially a good provider. Certainly the work ethic is there. Then also, the clinical knowledge for me, you know, because I have either experienced the injury or a friend of mine, you know, a teammate’s experienced an injury. If it wasn’t myself treating the injury, it was a friend that I was watching while we were in the treatment room, and I feel that gives me and the clinic and our staff an edge when it comes to treating patients. Essentially, if they’re injured, I have either experienced it on a personal level and/or a teammate has, so we’ve literally lived it, been there and done it in a professional environment.

What do you like the most about being a chiropractor?

Dr. Luke Stringer: I really love helping people, especially helping them achieve their health and wellness goals. If someone is running a marathon or picking up their grandkid, to see the satisfaction on their face when they achieve those goals for me as a doctor is extremely rewarding, and that is essentially why I’m doing it.

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