Let Chiropractic Care Give You a Boost This Winter

How can chiropractic care give your body a boost this winter? Chiropractors focus their profession on the treatment of the spine. The spine houses the nervous system. We know the nervous system controls everything we do, how the body feels, how it functions. The immune system is our ability to fight sickness and disease. If we have subluxations, our joints aren’t moving properly, they’ve shifted and they’re creating stress and tension onto a nerve. The nervous system is not going to be able to function as well under stress as a nervous system that isn’t under stress. Just like us, when we are at work and we are stressed, we are not going to function as well as when we are at work and we are not under stress.

Chiropractic care can relieve stress in the nervous system and chiropractors can educate patients on what we call 360 degrees of wellness. How we sit while at work, how we should be exercising, the type of foods we should be avoiding and putting into our diet. So, if we’re thinking well, we’re moving well, and we’re eating well, and our spine is aligned and it is stress free, we’re going to function better physiologically. And if we’re functioning better physiologically, we are going to have a better chance of fighting off colds and flus and all those winter bugs that roll through.

Motion is lotion. During the winter months we are not moving as much. If we’re not moving, we’re going to degenerate over time. If we have a knee joint for example, that isn’t moving well, or if we have limited range of motion, it increases the stress and tension in that joint. So, if we have a knee joint that’s working at 50% range of motion compared to a joint that is working at 100% range of motion and we’re out using that knee joint, we’re standing on it, we’re walking on it, we’re running on it, for example, well that limited range of motion is going to increase the stress and tension in the joint.

Stress and tension are going to create inflammation in the joints. Aches and pains are typically coming from joints that aren’t moving well, that are creating stress and tension on the joint, which is creating compensation in the muscles. The muscles are working too hard, they’re breaking down, and we are compensating. A prerequisite for a healthy joint is full range of motion.

Chiropractic care can make sure the joint is moving. Chiropractic adjustments can absolutely allow that joint to move better, create less stress and tension on the joint, tissue, and the nerve. Chiropractors that also involve soft tissue therapy can take care of the adhesion to improve the tissue health, blood lymph oxygen into that tissue and physical therapy can stabilize the joint.

Your body will feel a boost when you allow chiropractic care to add these key factors: good joint function through a chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue therapy to address poor tissue health, traction of the spine to address poor alignment, and rehab to address the muscle imbalances that can occur. When you add those things up repetitively over time, you get great results.

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