How Being an Athlete Made Me a Better Chiropractor

My experience as a professional athlete has helped me become a better chiropractor.

First, I had to put a lot of hard hard work in to becoming a rugby player and staying a rugby player. Certainly, that dedication does apply to becoming a doctor and being a good doctor essentially. That work ethic certainly carries over in to my work as a doctor.

Also, the clinical knowledge I was exposed to helps because if I hadn’t experienced an injury, one of my teammates had. Unfortunately for me, I spent a lot of time on the treatment table either getting treated for injuries or watching a teammate get treatment for injuries. So, I feel like that just gives us, from a clinical perspective, an edge when treating patients. Essentially, if the patient is injured, either myself or a teammate had experienced the injury and we’d have had the injury fixed and rehabbed in a professional environment.

For me, that is just invaluable knowledge that I carried over from my previous career.

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