Have Knee Pain? A Chiropractor Can Help!

Chiropractic care can treat both the knee joint and its surrounding tissues and structures to improve its range of motion and function. However, for many knee pain patients, particularly that we see in the office, it’s not just an issue with the knee. They also have issues with their low back and their pelvis, because many of us sit for a living, as we discussed on a previous podcast.

Essentially, we have poor posture and this pulls the spine out of alignment. Once we are out of alignment, the joints and the tissues in the body start to compensate and this affects how we move and load those joints. So, if you have poor posture, for example, you are going to be adding excess load to the joint and the tissue, particularly from poor mechanics in the low back or the pelvis, and over time the knee is going to compensate. And obviously that compensation is going to break us down and cause pain in the knee, particularly during activity.

Chiropractic care can assess your gait both on an individual level, so the joint itself, or from a global level, essentially how you move in your posterior chain and your gait, all the muscles and joints involved in moving us and supporting us. We can evaluate from a global standpoint and offer solutions to obviously get not just the knee joint and the knee pain corrected, but be able to address the extremity on the whole. And the beauty of chiropractic is we do all that without drugs and surgery.

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