Chiropractic Care for Chronic Headaches

Chiropractors can adjust the spine to align it and naturally relieve pressure on the nerves causing headaches. Regular chiropractic care will help reduce stress and tension on the nervous system and keep the body functioning at its best.

How do you define chronic headaches compared to other types of headaches?

Dr. Luke Stringer: Well, chronic by definition is any medical condition that has lasted for more than three months, so if you’ve had a headache regularly for three months or longer, technically that is a chronic issue.

What are the most common causes of chronic headache?

Dr. Luke Stringer: Like with all health issues, poor diet and lack of exercise contribute to poor health, and that makes us prone to sensory health issues. However, the most common cause of headaches is essentially poor posture, and a modern phenomenon we find in the medical industry right now called tech neck. Poor posture causes the spine to shift out of alignment, which can cause stress and tension on the nervous system. When the nervous system is under stress, it gives you symptoms, and classically poor posture and chronic headaches are a big one.

How does chiropractic care help treat people suffering from chronic headache?

Dr. Luke Stringer: Well, chiropractic care is a very safe, noninvasive and non-drug based approach to health care, specifically for treating headaches. A chiropractic adjustment focuses on putting the spine back into alignment and by doing that, you can relieve the stress and tension on the nervous system which is essentially causing the headache.

Will ongoing chiropractic care and treatments help keep headache pain away?

Dr. Luke Stringer: Yes, biweekly to monthly checkups will keep your spine in alignment and the nervous system stress-free. Do spinal checkups just like dental checkups. You go see the dentist regularly to prevent cavities. Go see your chiropractor regularly, get your spine checked, get adjusted, and essentially by doing that you are going to avoid any health care symptoms.

What are some other natural ways people can try to prevent getting headaches?

Dr. Luke Stringer: Good hydration is key. America is the number one fatigued nation in the world, so a good way you can monitor your hydration is take your body weight in pounds, divide it by two, and that is how many ounces of water you should be trying to drink daily.

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