Chiropractic Care Can Help Prevent Sports Injuries

I saw something online the other day that stated that every NFL team has a Doctor of Chiropractic on staff and that 98% of the players in the NFL get regular chiropractic treatment. I saw something even crazier on ESPN that James Harrison, the Steelers linebacker, spends over $300,000 a year on his medical treatment and he has three chiropractors on staff. I feel if elite athletes are using and utilizing chiropractic care to get that last 1-2% out of their bodies and perform, why shouldn’t everyone else? The corporate athletes, the amateur sport players, in a nut, people from playing intramural softball league all the way to PeeWee football.

Chiropractic care is safe, it’s effective and it’s affordable. By seeing a chiropractor, you will have your structure, posture and function of the spine assessed. Essentially the structure and function of your spine dictates how we move and feel. We’re hunter gatherers. We’re built, both on a physiological and biochemical level, to move.

If our spine is in alignment and our joints have a good range of motion and they’re mobile and stable, we’ll have a far less grade of injury risk than people who are out of alignment and are compensating in their movements. Chiropractic care does exactly this. It assesses your posture, the structure and function of your spine, and in turn allows you to move and feel and essentially perform well.

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