Back Pain Relief with Chiropractic Biophysics

The treatments we use in conjunction with chiropractic biophysics, or CBP, to help our patients find relief from back pain are several.

Reduce Scar Tissue: The first one and probably the most important is reducing the scar tissue that sits within a muscle and the joint, which is essentially limiting the patients range of motion and causing their low back pain.

Improve Range of Motion: Once we improve the tenacity and the health of the muscle tissue in the joint, we improve people’s range of motion. By doing this people start to move better.

Stabilize the Affected Area: We then start to stabilize the affected area. Once we see some improvement in those symptoms and lifestyle, then we move into our last phase of care.

Strengthen the Joint: We then strengthen the joint and the affected area.

By doing these few things in conjunction with the chiropractic care, or CBP care which is predominantly adjustment based with our noninvasive spinal decompression therapy, we can actually give people not just short term relief, but long lasting relief and a long term correction.

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