Avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery with Chiropractic Care

We have to have our spine evaluated for its structure or its posture. The first thing we need to see within the spine is, does your spine, your neck, the cervical curve measure 42 degrees? Because if it doesn’t, and it is starting to shift forward, for every inch forward we shift, it adds 10 pounds of pressure onto the joint and the tissue. Then add gravity to the equation, and over time, it just crushes the joints, the tissue, the discs, and the nerves. This is a really common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, or pain that specifically travels into the wrist and the hands, which technically is not carpal tunnel syndrome, as I think that’s kind of a misdiagnosis for many physicians, but acts just like it, nonetheless.

Chiropractors can restore good joint function and stability to the spine. When we have a full, healthy range of motion within the joint and the tissue, this allows the joint and the tissue to move within normal limits, which is pain-free function. Once we have that good posture, it just allows for that pain-free, unrestricted lifestyle.

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