Advanced Non-Surgical Treatment for Pain and Injury in Chicago

At Advanced Health Chiropractic, the focus is on chiropractic care for families and individuals from all walks of life – from children and teens to adults and the elderly, from pregnant women to athletes and to business professionals on the go. Our goal is to provide all our patients with complete support services they need to live their lives fully. Our holistic approach allows us to tailor your treatment not just to the specifics of your issue but to the individual facts of your lifestyle. This helps to ensure that we give you treatments that fit you and your specific needs.

Our mission is to be the natural health and wellness resource for the South Loop community in Chicago by providing exceptional surgical and drug free health care with the intent to educate our patients and treat prevention of disease through multi-disciplinary integration and the use of the most advanced education and technology.

Advanced Health Chiropractic distinguishes itself from other health care clinics in both our approach and philosophy on how the body is designed to work and move, and in the state-of-the-art diagnosis techniques where we can pinpoint the issues within the body causing your pain and dysfunction. This allows us to objectively highlight the root cause of the issue and allows for a clear diagnosis and a unique course of treatment to be applied to each individual patient.

Here in downtown in Chicago we see many patients with repetitive traumas or repetitive stresses. There are three types of stress. We call them the three Ts. You’ve got trauma such as a big trauma like a car accident. And then you’ve obviously got environmental stress like a high-stress job, working to deadlines. And it also can be toxins, what you’re putting into your body such as poor hydration, poor diet, and medications that you’re taking. They all break the body down and they’re all different types of stress.

Unfortunately, we are built, or fortunately, we are built to be upright and moving. However, modern society dictates that we now have to sit for a living. We’re not designed to be sitting, so when we sit for extended periods of time over time those repetitive stresses can really shift the spine out of alignment. And classic symptoms develop and you’re getting lower back pain, you’re getting neck pain, headaches, pain that refers into the hands and fingers, into the legs. Our office is really versed in repetitive stress and in addressing those repetitive stresses through a different, wide variations of treatment.

We also specialize in treating sports injuries. Here in Chicago, we’ve got the weekend warrior who sits all day every day in a corporate environment, and then just loves to be active and exercise on the weekends. We sit for 50, 60 hours a week and then we run around on the weekend. We go play tennis, or we play golf. If you’re sitting all day, muscles are going to become weak because we’re not using them. Again, we’re built to move. The body is economical. So, if we’re not moving, the body’s just going to shut those muscles down. You’re now asking the body to be functional, yet those functional muscles aren’t going to be doing their job. So, it creates that compensatory issue, right? Which usually leads to some form of a sports injury. “I pulled my back out playing golf.” “I pulled my back out playing tennis.” So, if it’s a sports injury where you pulled you back due to muscle imbalance, here at Advanced Health Chiropractic, we are able to diagnose and create a treatment plan, which should involve adjustments, physical therapy, and soft tissue therapy to address that.

Now here in downtown Chicago the driving is pretty crazy and we see a lot of people who have been in car accidents, unfortunately. Car accidents are very significant. They damage the soft tissue and they shift the spine out of alignment. So, it’s obviously case by case, but chiropractors in general are versed on addressing issues within the spine and the soft tissue.

Our chiropractors can diagnose and create a plan that’s going to address those trauma changes. So, alignment in the spine, function of the joint, damage to the soft tissue, and, obviously, the weakness that comes from those muscles being damaged.

At Advanced Health Chiropractic, you come to the office, you fill out a packet that allows us to evaluate your health history. You then sit down with one of the doctors and we do a really detailed health history, figure out why you came to the office. And we patiently go through the OPQRST, right? The answer, the onset, the progression, how it feels, how it affects your functioning. Then we like to do some goal setting with our patients.

From there, we’ll shift into an orthopedic examination. That’s where we’re going to evaluate the joint in question or the area of the spine. We’re looking for a good spinal alignment, i.e. joints that are going to move freely and stably. Then we’ll perform a neurological exam and a functional movement exam. We’re going to evaluate the nervous system and then how well that joint moves.

How we practice is more objective. We like to shoot x-rays, case-by-case dependent, obviously. But if you add any form of trauma or any type of significant pain or pain that refers, we’re going to shoot some x-rays to evaluate the alignment of your spine. And those four or five diagnostic tests, your orthopedic exam, neurological exam, functional exam, and the x-rays will give us enough clinical information to be able to figure out what’s causing your issue.

And from there, we’ll be able to build out a treatment plan, which will work towards your goals of whatever it is. Being able to run a marathon, pick up your kid without pain, sit through a work day without having to get up and take breaks. Our care plans are comprehensive. We don’t just adjust the spine. Adjustments are our bread and butter, that’s all about joint function. We are also practicing a technique called chiropractic biophysics, where we’re addressing misalignments of the spine, structural misalignments. We work heavily on the soft tissue and the changes that happens from those traumas big or small. Then we do a lot of physical therapy to address those muscle imbalances.

When you combine all of those four things, we get really good results, and that’s why our clinic has over 200 5-star reviews and is one of the highest reviewed clinics in the city.

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