Advanced Health Chiropractic’s Comprehensive Treatment Plan for Low Back Pain

At Advanced Health Chiropractic we are going to begin with the health history. We have got to establish the timeline, the frequency, the quality of the pain and how it is interfering with day to day life essentially. And then from that you can build in goals specific to the patient. Obviously getting out of pain is one, but we like to go deeper than that. So, patients want to be able to play football with the kids or be able to take a road trip with the family. So that’s a goal for them and that’s a goal for us.

We then go through a really thorough examination, neurological testing, and orthopedic examination of the joint tissue and nerves. We do lots of range of motion checks because that is essentially something that is really important to address if we’re going to get really good results.

We then also shoot x-rays on the majority of our patients because it offers an objective finding in the spine. The way we’re trained in the clinic is we can address structural issues within the spine that are essentially the underlying cause.

From then on, we paint a really comprehensive plan and it is going to be built around physical mobility, so improving the range of motion in the joint and the tissue. We do lots of muscle work, breaking down scar tissue; both will be done manually and then essentially passively. You are going to be doing chiropractic adjustments to essentially get the spine in alignment and improve the joint mobility, which takes stress off the joint, the tissue, and the nerve.

What separates our clinic is we incorporate lots of physical therapy, so you’ll be stabilizing and strengthening the area. Then again, we do spinal decompression so we can actually objectively address and change the shape of the spine for the better. We are going to get it back into alignment and by doing that you can create better load into the joint tissue and that allows for better mobility, better stability, and obviously that just gets great results.

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