A Unique Approach to Treating Neck and Back Pain

What separates us from other chiropractors in Chicago is the traction treatment that comes through chiropractic biophysics. It is the most tried and tested form of chiropractic. Chiropractic biophysics involves what we call traction, which allows us to bring the spine back into alignment. And by doing that, it has massive effects on the joint, the tissue, and the disc. It actually offers long-term objective changes. We can literally objectively change the shape of your spine for the better, which is really, really unique. We are only one of two chiropractic biophysics clinics within the city. So, it’s quite unique for us.

We are unique in not only the way we assess the patient and diagnose the patient, but also in how we treat the patient. We like to call it the 360 degrees of wellness. We are addressing spinal shifts, both on an individual level and a global level; we are treating structural issues within the soft tissue via certain soft tissue probe treatment protocols, which is usually a key piece that is missed in getting people healthy and well.

We also address the compensatory patterns. Fixing those compensatory patterns for people who have those repetitive jobs and have to sit for a living or lift for a living. Essentially, we need to strengthen those weakened muscles and switch off all those big dominant muscles.

When you apply all of those three aspects together, repetitively over a period of time, the body always responds really, really well.

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